15 Things To Do in Las Vegas, NV, USA

     “Sin City” is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Many people return again and again, year after year. The major attraction, of course, is gambling — the largest concentration of gaming facilities in the world; however, Las Vegas has much more to offer than roulette and blackjack. Many of the casinos, especially those on “The Strip,” are significant destinations in and of themselves.
         1. Wander along “The Strip” — Las Vegas Boulevard is known as “the Strip,” and it contains the most elaborate and expensive casinos in the city. This is the Mecca for the majority of tourists. As a matter of fact, many visitors never leave this section of the city.
         2. See the Freemont Street Experience — In the oldest part of the city, downtown Las Vegas, the main street has been transformed into a pedestrian-only zone, where, every hour, an incredible overhead multi-media presentation delights visitors.
         3. Spend Some Time at the Venetian — One of the marquis hotels on the Strip is this elaborate facility which offers a spectacular lobby, a canal complete with gondolier and gondola, and high-end shops featuring Italian merchandise.
         4. “Travel” to Paris, Las Vegas — The theme of this popular hotel is the fabulous “City of Lights.” Here you can see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc d’Triomphe, and other landmarks of the city. Inside, the corridors resemble the streets of Paris.
         5. Have Some Fun at the Stratosphere — Imagine a roller coaster and other thrill rides high up above the city, with a spectacular view of the entire Strip. This is the Stratosphere, actually a casino and hotel, in addition to the amusement park area.
         6. Spend an Afternoon at Red Rock Canyon — Just a few miles out of the city is a colorful canyon which offers great scenery, hiking trails, and other recreational activities.
         7. Take an Excursion to the Hoover Dam — The number one day trip from Las Vegas is to this mammoth dam which created Lake Mead when it was constructed in the 1930s. It has been considered one of the world’s greatest engineering projects. You can drive across the dam into Arizona.
         8. Spend a Day at Valley of Fire State Park — This is one of America’s most spectacular state parks, a place to see fantastical and colorful rock formations. The road through the park provides access to many of the most unusual features.
         9. Enter an Other-worldly Place at Death Valley National Park — This huge and incredible national park is certainly a full day-trip, perhaps even more, due to its sheer size. The surreal landscapes and unusual features make it a memorble excursion. The highest temperatures in the Western Hemisphere were recorded here.
        10. Watch Carnival at the Rio — This hotel, just off the Strip is known for its elaborate buffet and also its spectacular show (free), featuring unbelievable costumes, a carnival celebration each and every day.
        11. Take in a Show — The entertainment in Las Vegas is second-to-none, and an evening show is a requirement for any visitor to the city. There are numerous top-shelf entertainers to choose from.
        12. Enjoy a Las Vegas Buffet — Many of the hotels, both on the Strip and off, offer huge buffets, with every kind of food imaginable. Some are truly outstanding values as well.
        13. Be Amazed at the Bellagio’s Water Show — One of Las Vegas’ top hotels has a lake in front, on which a dazzling water fountain display, set to music, occurs. It is extremely popular with tourists and a great place to while away an hour or so.
        14. Enjoy the Free Show Outside Treasure Island — This casino offers an elaborate show, called the “Battle at Buccaneer Bay,” which delights onlookers frequently over the course of the day.
        15. Shop in the Forum at Caesar’s Palace — You feel like you are walking in the footsteps of Julius Caesar at this ornate venue, featuring high-end shopping, as well as several interesting free shows.


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