ROAD Trips – Cross USA on Interstate 90

     This is the inaugural entry of a new series on my blog, entitled ROAD Trips. These posts will highlight a highway in the United States and, perhaps later, other countries of the world, and consider the many opportunities for tourists along the route. The US highway system is one of the best in the world and serves as a model for many other countries. It basically covers the country by linking major cities via superhighways, even-numbered roads traversing east-west and odd-numbered running north-south.
    The first entry will focus on Interstate 90, the northernmost of these east-west highways, which runs from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington. I will work from east to west on these even-numbered roads and discuss, state by state, the various tourist attractions easily accessible enroute.
     Hope you enjoy the series!
     Interstate 90 is the most northerly of the continental United States’ superhighways. It begins (in the east) in the city of Boston, MA, which is a marvelous starting point for any journey across the USA.
       Massachusetts –
          Boston – This important city is a historical and cultural gem. Combine the Freedom Trail, with its numerous recollections of Revolutionary War America, with artistic treasures, such as the Boston Symphony, Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), and add other venues like the Boston Museum of Science and the John F Kennedy Memorial Library, and you have a world-class tourist destination.
          Springfield – Although not a major stop along I-90, this city boasts the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, a must-see for fans of this popular sport.
          Berkshires – These mountains in the western part of the state feature summer concerts at Tanglewood and the Norman Rockwell Museum.
      New York -
          Albany – Although not a major tourist destination in the state, the vicinity of the capital city has several notable locations, in particular, Saratoga Springs ( a horse-racing Mecca in August) and Lake George.
          Cooperstown – The home of the Baseball Hall of Fame is an adorable community and well worth a half-day excursion.
          Finger Lakes Region – This popular area of upstate New York has many attractions for tourists, from state parks like Letchworth and Watkins Glen to Auto Racing to numerous waterfalls.
          Niagara Falls – Speaking of waterfalls, the premier American waterfall is a destination in and of itself and a must-see for anyone desiring to see the best that America has to offer.
          Cleveland – This city is often the brunt of tourism jokes, but it has been somewhat transformed recently and, at the very least, contains the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, a required stop for anyone who values pop music. Also the city of Akron, close by, harbors the Pro Football Hall of Fame, another tribute to an American staple.
         Chicago – This quintessential American city has a plethora of attractions for the visitor, including its spectacular skyline and the "Magnificent Mile," a shopper’s paradise.
         Wisconsin Dells – The state’s most popular tourist destination, although highly overdone, nevertheless attracts families from all over America to its varied recreational and entertainment venues.
      South Dakota
         Black Hills Region – Visitors must spend several days here in order to sample the many significant tourist attractions in the area. All Americans should see and marvel at Mount Rushmore and the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial. Badlands National Park provides scenic vistas and colorful sandstone dunes while Custer State Park features the Needles Highway and numerous plains mammals.
         Devil’s Tower National Monument – This amazing monolith rises up abruptly from the surrounding landscape and makes an ominous appearance. In reality it is the core of an ancient volcano but the Indian legends about is are much more interesting.
          Yellowstone National Park – America’s first and premier national Park is a treasure trove of spectacular scenery and interesting geological oddities and must occupy several days on anyone’s cross country agenda. 
          Mount Rainier National Park – This spectacular, snow-and-glacier-capped volcano dominates the horizon of western Washington State and provides recreational and scenic opportunities for millions of visitors each year.
         Seattle – This major port city and gateway to the US from the west has many interesting and worthwhile attractions for the tourist, from its Space Needle to Pike Place Market.
         Olympic National Park – On the other side of the bay from the city of Seattle, this varied and fascinating park features three distinct ecosystems and many types of activities.

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