World Cities at 40 Degrees North Latitude

Latitude lines are the parallels which cut across the Earth traveling north and south from the Equator. Because it is latitude which determines temperature and climate, the Earth is divided into three (3) zones, the Tropics, the Temperate Zone, and the Polar regions. The Tropics are defined as the area between 23 1/2 degrees North Latitude and 23 1/2 degrees South Latitude. The temperatures here are always warm and there are no seasons. The Temperate Zone extends both north and south from 23 1/2 degrees to 66 1/2 degrees — this is where most of the world’s population lives.

It is interesting to look at world cities from the perspective of their latitude. It is expected that cities at or near the same latitude will have a similar climate but the results are somewhat surprising when one looks at the world this way. This series will list cities worldwide which are found along the same line of latitude. Keep in mind that the distance between two lines of latitude is approximately 69 miles. Some of the cities in the series are several degrees apart but are still considered the same approximate latitude. For those cities which I have visited, I have included a photo and a short description.

Kansas City, MO, USA — A typical¬†Midwestern¬†US city

Union Station & KC Skyline

New York, NY, USA — The “Big Apple” is one of the world’s greatest cities.

New York City

Philadelphia, PA, USA — One of the USA’s most historically important cities, Philadelphia was the location of the First Continental Congress.

Liberty Bell

Reno, NV, USA — Reno is the second favorite gambling mecca in the state of Nevada.


Beijing, China — China’s capital and the cultural center of many of China’s dynasties since the 1300s.

Entrance to the Forbidden City

Madrid, Spain — Spain’s capital is one of Europe’s most regal cities.

Cibeles Fountain

Naples, Italy — Naples is considered on of Italy’s most authentic cities; it is also the birthplace of pizza.

Thessaloniki, Greece — The second largest city in Greece sits gracefully along the Aegean coast.

Thessaloniki Plaza

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