A Cultural Timeline of the World

One of the most unusual items on my Life Bucket List was to create a Cultural Timeline of the World and to incorporate Art, Literature, and Architectural Landmarks with World History. In this next series of posts, I will attempt to put together this monster task. Beginning with the earliest man-made structures, I will trace the course of history along with the development of Art and Literature. I will dovetail architectural landmarks with these other achievements to create a comprehensive timeline.

I plan to introduce the elements of the timeline in small, short segments and accompany the information with pictures whenever possible. The research I have done in order to complete this task is extensive, but I must state at the outset that some of the dates are debatable and others are mere estimates.

Since this website is a travel blog, my major emphasis will be on the incorporation of buildings and other man-made landmarks into the thread of history.

I must also confess that I have chosen to ignore much of the history of Africa and parts of Southwest and Southeast Asia, since I am not particularly familiar with those regions, and I don’t feel that these places have had a tremendous impact on major world events.

Join me on my journey through a cultural timeline of the world as I hope to make history come alive.

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