A Visit to Glitter Gulch — Major Las Vegas Attractions — Post #4


The Strip hasn’t always been the center of attention for travelers to Las Vegas. The original city began in what is now known as the Downtown. The ancient casinos that paved the way for today’s mega-complexes can still be found on Freemont Street. Places like Binion’s and the Golden Nugget are still popular with gamblers.

Freemont Street is now a pedestrian-only thoroughfare and sports a kaleidoscopic multi-media presentation on a curved awning above the street.

Freemont Street Expeience

The colors and shapes change constantly during the six minute (or so) show that occurs on the hour beginning around dusk.

Freemont St Experience

Before leaving Downtown, be sure to take a stroll through Main Street Station, a hotel/casino which features a number of amazing antique pieces, including gorgeous woodwork and impressive chandeliers.

Main Street Station Ceiling




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