An Important Stop on the Road Trip

We incorporated an important stop into our Road Trip yesterday. My Dad’s last-surviving brother lives near Charleston, West Virginia, and since it was not completely out of the way for us to reroute through southwestern West Virginia, we decided to visit he and his wife (who is also suffering from cancer). It was great that we did, since he has failed considerably since we last saw them.

I have learned from my cancer that we should never pass up opportunities to connect or reconnect with family and friends, because you never know . . . We took my uncle and aunt out to dinner and spent some quality time together — PRICELESS!

This turned out to be a ROAD TRIP which combined a lot of visiting/reconnecting with sightseeing. Perhaps that is the best type of road trip — a mixture of love and desire, respectfully. We are now headed home, feeling really good about life.

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