Best 250 Travel Destinations in the World (according to Gary) — Installment 41 — #36-40

          What a great collection of wonderful scenery and fun places to visit! This group of the world’s best travel destinations includes some of the most popular places in the world for travelers.

           40.  Sydney, Australia — The “Emerald City” is certainly one of the most photographed in the world. Its harbor area, with the famous Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, is breathtaking, especially at sunset. The Australian people are warm and friendly, a fact which makes any trip here even more enjoyable. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)

           39.  Disney World & Orlando, Florida, USA — Orlando is the greatest family destination in the world. There are numerous theme parks, besides the world’s premier theme park, Disney World. All these parks reinvent themselves or add additional sections constantly so a second or third visit is as exciting as the first.                            

Epcot, Disney World

           38.  Vatican City — This enclave is the world’s smallest independent state. It is located entirely within the city limits of Rome. Its allure, however, has nothing to do with size. St Peter’s Basilica, with its dome designed by Michelangelo, is one of the world’s most beautiful churches; one of its chapels, the Sistine Chapel, is probably the most celebrated religious room in the world, with its ceiling designed and painted by the same Michelangelo. In addition, the Vatican Museum is one of the world’s great museums. What a place, even if you are not Roman Catholic.                     

St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

           37.  Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe — The world’s largest waterfall is located on the border of the two Z’s — Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here, for a distance of about 2 km (1.4 miles), the Zambezi River plunges over a cliff and descends 100 meters (300 feet) into the Batoka Gorge. The town of Livingstone, Zambia allows access to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park where visitors can get close to the falls. On the Zimbabwe side, the closest town is Victoria Falls.

           36.  Yosemite National Park, California, USA — From the writings of John Muir to the photographs of Ansel Adams, the sights and vistas of this park are legendary. Yosemite represents glacial geology at its best. From El Capitan’s monolithic face to Yosemite Falls, the highest in North America, to Glacier Point, a breath-taking overlook, to the iconic Half Dome, Yosemite’s beauty is stunning.                        

Yosemite Falls

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