Best 250 Travel Destinations of the World (according to Gary) — Installment 39 — #46-50

                  With this post we have entered the top 50 of my world’s best travel destinations. This collection includes a sampling of ancient and modern.

             50.  Pompeii, Italy — The universe stopped for Pompeii on August 23, 79 AD when nearby Mt Vesuvius erupted and enveloped the city in volcanic dust and debris. Unfortunately there was no warning and people were caught and killed in the middle of their daily lives. This is what is so special about Pompeii. The excavations have uncovered a Roman city in the midst of its reality and allowed archaeologists to study and learn what life was like during the time of the Romans.                       

Temple of Jupiter, Pompeii

             49.  Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England — Located on a grassy plain west of London is a series of huge stones arranged in concentric circles, thought to be 4,000 to 5,000 years old. Prehistoric people are thought to have transported these stones many miles. The arrangement is thought to have spiritual and/or astronomical significance. There seems to be no doubt that the stones are configured according to the passage of time and the seasons. Being here is awe-inspiring!  To think that ancient humans could comprehend such patterns and construct a veritable observatory!                        


             48.  Oahu, Hawaii, USA — The main island of the Hawaiian chain has a wealth of wonderful activities for the visitor. From surfing at Waikiki Beach to climbing Diamondhead crater to remembering Pearl Harbor to snorkeling at Hanauma Bay to studying South Pacific societies at the Polynesian Cultural Center, travelers are treated to at least a week’s worth of fun and sun. Honolulu should be your base of operations (Walking Tour available for purchase on website).                         

Waikiki Beach

             47.  Niagara Falls, New York/Ontario, USA/Canada — Here is one of the world’s first travel destinations, still going strong after all these years. The falls straddle the border between Canada and the United States; each side has a number of activities that focus on the falls.                          

Niagara Falls

             46.  Petra, Jordan — The builders of this necropolis were the Nabateans, transplants from Arabia who settled this area in the 4th century BC. What we can see today in Petra was probably constructed in the 1st century AD. Entry through the Siq, a narrow passage between the rock walls, affords a view very familiar to movie fans. At the end of Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade, Harrison Ford rides through this very part of the city.

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