Best of Belgium

    Belgium is a small country but it is packed with tourist sights. From the capital, Brussels, to the many lovely villages throughout the countryside, it should be explored and savored, frequently in combination with a trip to the Netherlands (see Best of Holland), and Luxembourg, which together make up what is often referred to as the Benelux countries.

       Brussels has a spectacular city center, anchored by the elegant Grand Place, which is transformed into a flower garden every other year in August.

Grand Place

     The most enchanting of Belgium’s villages is Bruges, a town which was abandoned and undisturbed for hundreds of years but revitalized recently to cater to tourism. It is one of Europe’s best preserved medieval hamlets and a must-see for travelers.

Burg Square, Bruges

       The most popular gathering place in Bruges is Markt Square (Market Square).

Markt Square, Bruges


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