Best of Carlbad Caverns National Park

     The Carlsbad Caverns are one of the premier cave systems in the world. Located in southern New Mexico, the area is replete with underground wonderlands, including some which have only been recently discovered.

        Another attraction of Carlsbad is the flight, each night during the summer, of thousands of bats from a section of the cave. They leave to feast on insects and then return in the early morning. The Park Service has created an amphitheater for visitors to observe from and a Park Ranger narrates the evening excursions.

Bat Cave, Carlsbad

   We entered the caverns through the natural entrance which involves a walkway containing numerous switchbacks since you are descending over 50 stories. Once down in the cave system the formations are positively beautiful.


   Other formations are more delicate.

 Draperies are a common feature in the cave.


  Of course, stalagtites (hanging down) and stalagmites (reaching up) are everywhere.

Stalagmites and Stalactites


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