Best of China

   China is a huge country with a bewildering number of significant tourist attractions. It is probably a mistake to try to see them all in one visit. I would suggest multiple visits to explore the sights in a particular region. Having said that, I have only been to China once, and our trip of approximately three (3) weeks attempted to cover most of the country.

     Any trip to China must sample the Great Wall, one of the most enduring testaments to man’s presence on this planet. This triumph of engineering was begun in the Qin Dynasty, in approximately 200 BC, and has weathered conflict and catastrophe.

    The city of Beijing, China’s capital, features the Forbidden City, home of Chinese Emperors since the early 15th Century.

Forbidden City

    Hong Kong was a British possession until recently. It is a city which worships capitalism and a dramatic contrast to mainland China.

Hong Kong Skyline

  Shanghai has emerged as the commercial hub for mainland China. Walking the streets makes a traveler feel like they are in New York City, with all the tall buildings and neon signs.


     The city of Xi’an is famous for the Terra Cotta Warriors, ceramic soldiers which adorned the huge tomb of the Qin Dynasty emperor.

Terra Cotta Warriors

     Chengdu features the Leshan Buddha, a huge wooden sculpture built into the landscape.

Leshan Buddha

    Lhasa, the capital of once-sovereign Tibet, contains the Potala Palace, former home of the Dalai Lama.

Potala Palace

    China is also blessed with natural wonders. Perhaps the most dramatic of these is the karst landscape of the Li River.

Li River Landscape


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