Best of Cordoba

           The walled city of Cordoba is an important stop along the tourist trail in Spain. It is the home of one of the country’s most impressive sights, La Mezquita, a flamboyant mosque which was modified, when the Moors were driven from Spain, by the erection of a Roman Catholic Cathedral within its confines.

     What remains of the mosque is still the most intriguing part of the structure. The candy-striped arches are stunning.

La Mezquita

  Other sections of the interior are equally attractive

Mezquita Arches

while the exterior features a tall bell tower and a courtyard of orange trees.

La Mezquita

But Cordoba is more than La Mezquita. Check out the lovely Plaza de Corredera

Plaza de Corredera

 and the impressive Alcazar.

Alcazar, Cordoba


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