Best of Florida

     The state of Florida is noted, mostly, for its sub-tropical climate, and, as a result, has attracted the largest senior citizen population in the nation. Large numbers of folks who have not moved there permanently manage to spend at least part of the winter in Florida. They are known as “snowbirds,” and increase the population of the state significantly during December, January, and February.

    Florida has a very long coastline, so many of its major attractions are associated with the sea, but there are also other major tourist sights besides the beaches.

    The city of Orlando is home to one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Disney World,

Epcot, Disney World

as well as many other theme parks.

    There are two (2) national parks in Florida, Everglades National Park, which is all about the wildlife,  


and Biscayne National Park which is truly an underwater park, created for boaters, snorkelers, and divers.

Mangrove Trees at Biscayne NP

The Kennedy Space Center is another major attraction. If you visit, you may even get to see a space launch.

Vehicle Assembly Building, Kennedy Space Center

The southernmost city in the Continental USA is Key West. It is only 90 miles from Cuba and is all about fun! The Conch Train takes visitors on a raucous tour of the city.

Conch Train, Key West

Miami Beach is another famous playground. Its main beach, South Beach, lures the sun lovers while its nightlife attracts the “beautiful people.” The area is also known for its huge collection of Art Deco buildings.

Art Deco, Miami Beach

  One of the most moving memorials is also found in Miami Beach; the Holocaust Memorial evinces reflection and solemnity.

Miami Holocaust Memorial

Saint Augustine was the first colony from Europe to be settled in America. Ponce de Leon landed here in 1513, looking for the Fountain of Youth. The town arose as a Spanish Colony, as evidenced by Castillo San Marcos, a Spanish fort which protected the harbor from invaders.

St Augustine


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