Best of Georgia

    The state of Georgia is not rich with tourist attractions, however, it has some very significant “must-sees.” The city of Savannah is the gateway from the north and is a wonderful city to visit. The city is laid out much as James Oglethorpe designed it, with many squares (public green areas) at street intersections. It is a great walking city and has been carefully preserved for tourism. My favorite park is Forsyth Park with its beautiful fountain.

Forsyth Park

Near the waterfront we were particularly impressed by the legend associated with the Waving Girl Statue.

Waving Girl Statue

The huge city of Atlanta also has some interesting sights in the downtown: Olympic Park recalls the 1996 Summer Olympics which was marred by a bomb.

Olympic Park

Coca-Cola World is another popular attraction.

Coca-Cola World

Just outside the city is one of the country’s best rock sculptures, Stone Mountain. The sculpture consists of the likenesses of three (3) Confederate heroes, General Robert E Lee, President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, and General “Stonewall Jackson, etched into a mammoth boulder.

Stone Mountain

   On the west side of the state is one of the nation’s finest gardens, Calloway Gardens, in the town of Pine Mountain. The specialty of the gardens is the azalea, so springtime is the most beautiful time of the year here.

Calloway Gardens


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