Best of Greece

      The European country of Greece, although going through hard times these days, was the founding father of Western Civilization. It was here that Democratic government was first attempted and the Arts blossomed. Science became a credible discipline in Greece, and Philosophy became a mainstay of intelligent minds. We owe so much to Greece that it is sad to see the country struggling so badly. Hopefully, Greece will rise again to the lofty heights it attained in the final 1,000 years before Christ.

       Despite the economic and financial turmoil in Greece, it remains a popular and impressive country to visit. Athens is a must-see for everyone who considers themselves part of Western Civilization (Europe and the Americas). Its crowning glory is the Acropolis, which features the Parthenon, considered by many the most beautiful building in the world.


     Many other Greek ruins dot the landscape, for example, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, once the largest temple in the world.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

    An excursion to Delphi is a must for visitors to Athens. Delphi was the location of the famous Oracle which even had an influence on Greek history.

Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi

    Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is also worth visiting.

A Street in Thessaloniki

     The most popular part of Greece, for tourists, are the islands of the Aegean Sea. Of these, be sure to stop in Mykonos

An Alley in Mykonos

 and Santorini.



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