Best of Guilin

     Guilin is located in south-central China, along the Li River. The city is best known as the gateway of the Li River and embarkation point for river cruises. The landscape along the river is some of the most unique and extraordinary in the world, an epitome of karst topography, the results of glacial advance and recession.

      The city itself has developed into an interesting destination, mostly to give the crowds who traverse the river some alternatives and to entice them to stay for several days in the region.

     We enjoyed exploring Seven Star Park which features Camel Hill, an extremely unusual formation.

Camel Hill

     We also enjoyed Reed Flute Cave, a short distance from the city center.

Reed Flute Cave

     Another tourist attraction in the city is Fubo Hill, which we climbed.

Fubo Hill

    But the most important part of any visit to Guilin is the Li River Cruise which awes and amazes with its varied and spectacular landscape.

Along the Li River

  Here is another scene.

Along the Li River

       The opposite end of the cruise is the village of Yangshuo, which, as you might expect, offers an open air flea market with tons of bargains.



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