Best of Krakow

     Krakow was once the capital of Poland and, as such, is a regal city. The Old Town is a wonderful place to visit, with its cobblestone streets, castle on a hill, and extremely welcoming main square. The city, as well as most of Poland’s population centers, was heavily bombed by the Germans. However, it has been lovingly rebuilt and stands as a tribute to the perseverance and determination of the Polish people.    

            Krakow, Poland has one of the largest public squares in Europe. It is a truly fun place to gather. The people are friendly and the mood is always festive. The center of the square (Rynek Glowny) is occupied by the Sukiennice, Cloth Hall, now a shopping venue featuring crafts.

Cloth Hall

     On one corner of the square is St Mary’s Basilica, where a trumpeter plays the Heynal (an interrupted five-note tune) each hour. The local legend holds that in 1241, as the Tatars approached the city, a bugler started playing to alert the gatekeepers to close the city gates. He was hit with an arrow in the throat and never completed the piece. The church’s interior is strikingly beautiful. The altar is especially nice.

St Mary's Church

   Across from the church is Krakow’s Town Hall.

Town Hall

   Walking the cobblestone streets is a rewarding activity, since there are treasures around every corner.

A Street in Krakow

   Wawel Castle crowns the Old Town and is a large complex of buildings.

Wawel Castle

 But spend most of your time here in the Main Square, people-watching and browsing.

Rynek Glowny


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