Best of Lassen Volcanic National Park

    Lassen Volcanic is one of America’s lesser known national parks. It is located in north-central California and is centered around Lassen Peak, one of a number of volcanoes which exist on a north-south line from the Canadian border near Seattle. Others in this group include Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, and Mt Shasta.

      Lassen Volcanic has great mountain scenery and a significant and very interesting thermal area, known as Bumpass Hell. There is also a lovely lake within the park (Lake Manzanita) which offers additional recreation opportunities.

     We spent a long morning here, walking several of the trails and driving along the park roads, stopping a various overlooks. Here are some of the views and other photos from our trip.

       Here is Mount Lassen in a photo taken from the Visitor Center.

Lassen Peak

    This overlook features a beautiful mountain stream.

Kings Creek & Lassen Peak

    Bumpass Hell was a fascinating place with hot water pools and other thermal features.

Bumpass Hell

    Lake Manzanita was picturesque.

Manzanita Lake

    There was a considerable amount of snow on the ground even though we were here in the middle of July.

Snow at Lassen Volcanic NP


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