Best of Maine

    The state of Maine is the most northeasterly of the United States; it is tucked into Eastern Canada and resembles that area in many ways. It contains the only national park in the East, north of the nation’s capital. It is extremely rural and wooded, with large areas uninhabited.

     Many of Maine’s tourist sights are found along the coast, since that is where the majority of the population resides. Because it is not far from our home, we have traveled extensively through Maine.

     The best tourist location in the state is, naturally, Acadia National Park. It is a patchwork of many pieces of land, purchased or donated over the years, and loosely tied together with a combination of state roads and park roads. The defining characteristics of the park are the shoreline and the extensive system of carriage roads.

      Otter Cliffs is an example of the rugged rocky coastline.

Otter Cliffs

The Bass Harbor Light sits on a similar type of coastline, in another section of the park.

Bass Harbor Light

 The town of Bar Harbor serves as the entryway into the park. Although very touristy, it has some basic charm.

Bar Harbor

  Our favorite town in Maine is Ogunquit, on the coast just over the Massachusetts state line. It’s a wonderful walking town with a nice beach and a fantastic coast walk, known as the Marginal Way.

Marginal Way

Portland is Maine’s largest city and its restored waterfront area is a delight to explore. The city sports one of the most photographed lighthouses on the Atlantic coast.

Portland Head Light

 Another dramatic lighthouse can be found in the town of York, not far from Ogunquit. It sits on a tiny off-shore island.

Nubble Light


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