Best of Massachusetts

     The most populous of the New England states, Massachusetts is loaded with history. It’s largest city, Boston, is considered, along with Philadelphia, the cradle of the American Revolution.

    Boston is the main draw for tourists, but there are many other places in the state which get their share of the tourist dollar, as well.

    We will begin with Boston, a veritable treasure trove of attractions of interest to the traveler. The Freedom Trail is a string of properties associated with the early days of the Revolution. A major starting point for this wonderful historical walk is the Old State House, where some meetings of the Sons of Liberty were held.

Old State House

Another noteworthy meeting hall, just down the street, is Faneuil Hall, which, along with Quincy Market, comprises a popular shopping and dining area within the inner city.

Faneuil Hall

      South of the capital is the city of Plymouth, where Massachusetts’ original settlers landed in 1620. Plymouth Rock is still here, preserved under a portico. Just outside of town is Plimoth Plantation, an open-air museum which illustrates what life was like in the colony.

Plimoth Plantation

           Southeast of Plymouth is Cape Cod, an area of beautiful beaches and charming villages which have taken great pains to preserve their salty ambience. The Cape Cod National Seashore occupies the outer shoreline of the cape.

Cape Cod National Seashore

 The largest city on the Cape, Hyannis, contains an interesting museum dedicated to John F Kennedy, the United States’ 35th president.

JFK Museum

The two main islands to the south of Cape Cod are also significant tourist destinations. Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard may be reached by ferry from several locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard

   North of Boston is the city of Salem, famous for the Salem Witch Trials, dramatized in the Henry Miller play, “The Crucible.”


Further north is the city of Rockport, famous as an Artist Colony and still attracting flocks of tourists.

Motif #1, Rockport

    In the far western part of the state lie the Berkshires, a range of the Appalachians. There are some delightful small towns here with a penchant for art and music. The Norman Rockwell Museum here is an excellent tribute to this All-American artist.

Norman Rockwell Museum

    The Boston Symphony Orchestra moves to Tanglewood, an estate in the Berkshires each summer.


  Springfield is the home of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, a tribute to an American original game which has expanded to include the rest of the world.

Basketball Hall of Fame


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