Best of New Hampshire

     New Hampshire is one of our favorite states. It is close, yet offers a radical change from Rhode Island. The White Mountains area, the premier focal point for travelers, has been well-developed as a tourist destination for many years, so it offers many attractions in a fairly small area.

     There is wonderful mountain scenery, especially in the fall,

Franconia Notch

covered bridges,

Covered Bridge, Jackson, NH


Glen Ellis Falls

and the state’s finest scenic drive, the Kancamagus Highway, which runs along the Swift River, from Lincoln to North Conway.

Swift River

The Flume, a walkway through a scenic gorge, is a popular attraction.

The Flume

  Unfortunately, the state’s long-time symbol, the Old Man of the Mountains,” is gone. A rock slide obliterated the chiseled face, a popular stop along Interstate 93, proof that the Earth’s surface is constantly changing.

Old Man of the Mountains


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