Best of Petrified Forest National Park

     This park, located in eastern Arizona, is easily accessed from Albuquerque, New Mexico, since it is just over the state line. The park features trees that were buried quickly by sediments, about 225 million years ago. They fossilized under the weight and pressure of more recent layers of sediment. Finally, they were exposed during the uplift that raised the western part of the United States. Today, we see these petrified trees lying on the ground. They have become almost pure quartz, with interesting colors and hues based on their mineral components.

    The park’s trails allow visitors access to many of the specimens. This park has always had problems with visitors taking samples of the petrified trees. There are signs everywhere asking tourists to respect the park and its treasures.

     Below are some pictures of these fascinating trees which have been turned into rock.

Petrified Tree

 Here is another.

Petrified Tree

    The park also includes a colorful area known as the Painted Desert, ancient sand deposits which date to a particular period in the earth’s history. The deposits display reds, oranges, whites, and other colors in a kaleidoscope landscape.

Painted Desert


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