Best of Quebec Province

    Quebec has long been one of the most popular provinces in Canada, from a tourism standpoint. Certainly, the majority of this popularity is due to the lovely city of Quebec, perhaps the only true European-style city in North America. Note that this province is stubbornly French-speaking, so brush up on your high school French before attempting to negotiate the area.

      Quebec City’s Old Town is quaint and extremely pleasant to stroll (there is even a funicular for those who want to avoid the hills and many stairs). Both the Lower Town and Upper Town are equally charming.

Quebec City

Quebec is a walled city, a characteristic which is evident as one traverses the Old Town.

St Louis Gate

The other big draw for tourists to the province is the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. Unlike Quebec, this is a large urban area with skyscrapers and a significant business-like downtown. Even here, however, there is an Old Town, Vieux Montreal, which has considerable charm.

Vieux Montreal

  One of the premier sights in Montreal is the interior of Notre Dame Basilica. It is awe-inspiring!

Notre Dame Basilica

  Skiers and lovers of the mountains flock to the village of Mont-Tremblant, about 2 hours northwest of Montreal. The ambience in the quintessential ski village is lovely.

Travelers Square, Mont-Tremblant


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