Best of Quintana Roo

  The Mexican state of Quintana Roo occupies the northern section of the Yucatan peninsula. It is an area rich in Mayan ruins and, more recently, has become a major tourist destination with the development of Cancun and what is often referred to as the “Mayan Riviera.”

     The beaches here are spectacular with a multitude of resorts ready to cater to thousands of tourists simultaneously. This region of Mexico is also fairly safe, removed from the drug cartel-ruled areas near the border with the United States. The major problem for tourists seems to be avoiding “Montezuma’s Revenge,” the dysentery so common with non-natives.

     Our favorite attraction in Quintana Roo is Chichen Itza, recently voted one of the “7 Modern Wonders of the World.” This huge complex is remarkably well-preserved and a tribute to the architecture and intelligence of the Mayan culture. El Castillo is the signature structure on the site.

El Castillo, Chichen Itza

  Another prominent and interesting structure is the Observatory (the Mayans were fixated on astronomical events).

The Observatory

     Cancun makes a great base of operations for visitors with its fantastic beaches and modern resorts.


 One of the most interesting Mayan archeological sites in all of Mexico is found at Tulum, the only Mayan city directly on the ocean.


 Buildings here are also fairly well-preserved.

Priest's Quarters at Tulum


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