Best of Rome

    Rome is known as “The Eternal City” because it has been a center of civilization for several thousand years and because it has remained basically the same for all those years. You can still round a bend and be confronted with an Egyptian obelisk from 2000 BC or a church which dates to the early years of Christianity. You can walk on the same stones which Julius Caesar trod and yet, a few steps away is a 20th century monument to a modern Italian ruler. Such is this glorious city, one of my all-time favorites.

     Sample with me some of the best that Rome has to offer in the photos and text below. Let’s start with some of Rome’s earliest landmarks, the Colosseum,

Colosseum Interior

 the Forum,

The Roman Forum

and the Pantheon, one of my favorite buildings in the world.


Even its interior is spectacular and well-preserved.

Pantheon Interior

  The most famous fountain in the world can be found in Rome. The Trevi is huge, playful, and refreshing, and it is constantly surrounded by tourists.

Trevi Fountain

 Another cool fountain can be seen at the base of the Spanish Steps, one of the city’s most popular gathering places.

Spanish Steps

 My favorite square in Rome is the Piazza Navona, a large oval-shaped area containing three (3) fountains, lined with restaurants and shops and always crowded with visitors.

Piazza Navona

 Hadrian’s Tomb, known as the Castel sant’ Angelo, is a prominent structure on the Tiber River. It was used extensively as a set in the movie, “Angels and Demons.”

Hadrians Tomb

       Vatican City, in its entirety, is contained within the city limits, but I will cover the Vatican in a later post, as a separate entity.


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