Best of Spain

      Spain, which occupies the largest portion of the Iberian peninsula is a fabulous destination for the tourist. There is abundant history, significant Art and Architecture, exciting cities, charming towns, and interesting culture. In short, it has everything that any visitor could desire.

     The two major cities, Madrid and Barcelona, seem to constantly vie for the spotlight, but the truth is that both urban centers are wonderful places to start an exploration of Spain.

     Madrid is the capital and, as such, contains the Royal Palace (Palacio Real), residence of the current ruler.

Palacio Real

  Another major tourist attraction in Madrid is the Prado Museum, one of the world’s greatest Art museums.

Prado Museum

     Probably the most significant tourist attraction in Barcelona is Sagrada Familia, the unfinished Antonio Gaudi church which is the epitome of his version of architectural Modernism. The cranes are a perpetual presence until the exterior is finished. 

Sagrada Familia

         Seville is another huge draw for the tourist with its gigantic cathedral and distinctive bell tower (giralda).


 Cordoba offers the incredible La Mezquita with its characteristic Moorish architecture.

La Mezquita

    El Alcazar, Spain’s most famous castle, is found in Segovia.

El Alcazar

    Another well-known castle is the Alhambra, located in Granada.

Patio of the Lions, Alhambra


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