Best of the District of Columbia

     Washington, DC is a must-see destination for all Americans. The city is a monument to this country; it commemorates and celebrates the people and events which have shaped the distinguished history of this great land. However, Washington is a wonderful place for foreigners to visit, as well. There is no better location to discover what America is all about.

     Everywhere you look there are memorials, statues, and monuments. The architecture is amazing too. The city is home to the world’s largest museum, the Smithsonian (most of its 17 buildings are in the city). Information and maps of the museum can be acquired at the Castle, on the National Mall.

Smithsonian Castle

 The central focus of the Mall is the Washington Monument, the tallest structure in the city (by law).

Washington Monument

From the observation windows, one can see the entire city and also get a bird’s eye view of some of the other significant memorials.

Jefferson Memorial

 Imaginary lines from the Jefferson Memorial to the White House and from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial intersect at the Washington Monument, forming a cross. Each of these structures are easily seen from the monument. 

White House

Eastward is the Capitol Building.

US Capitol

 To the west is the Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

Other important shrines in the central part of DC include the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial

and the War Memorials, such as World War II,

World War II Memorial

and Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

and, of course, the most moving of them all, the Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

A few other interesting attractions are worth mentioning here, as well. I particularly love the Einstein Memorial, probably because I taught Science for so many years and I admired dear Albert so much. It’s playful and kids love to climb all over it.

Einstein Memorial

Also notable is a sculpture called “The Awakening,” found near the FDR Memorial in the Tidal Basin. It’s another spot that kids love. The sculpture depicts a giant-sized man emerging from under the earth.

The Awakening


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