Best of the French Riviera

      The French Riviera is considered to include the Mediterranean coast from Marseilles to Monaco. It is an area known for its beaches, its favorable climate, and the presence of the privileged who often visit during the summer.

     The most important city on the French Riviera is Nice. It has been a vacation spot for hundreds of years and provides an excellent base of operations for an exploration of the entire area.

      The city’s beaches and promenade are a favorite place to see and be seen. Across the street are the elegant hotels which form an interesting backdrop.

Nice Promenade

    The dramatic coastline beckons to the traveler and entices many to drive eastward toward Monaco.

French Riviera near Nice

    As the road climbs into the mountains, the views become even more spectacular.

French Riviera

   One of the most picturesque villages along the coast is Eze. It is a delightful place to explore, climbing the steep and narrow streets.

Eze Village

    At the very top is a lovely cactus garden, a fitting prize for cactophiles like me.

Eze Cactus Garden


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