Best of the Outer Banks

    The Outer Banks refer to the coastal area of North Carolina on the Atlantic Ocean, almost completely cut off from the mainland. These barrier islands are fairly isolated and strung together with bridges and ferries. It is a popular beach area in the summertime.

     There are a number of attractions, besides the beaches and salt-water fishing, which draw tourists. Those who are fascinated with lighthouses can see one of the country’s most famous, the Cape Hatteras Light, which was recently moved farther inland to prolong its life.

Cape Hatteras Light

    It was on the Outer Banks, at Kittyhawk, in 1903, when the Wright Brothers first flew their experimental aircraft, launching the Age of the Airplane. Visitors can spend some time at the actual site where their attempts took place. A memorial has been erected in their honor.

Wright Brothers Memorial

  At the bottom of the slope upon which the memorial sits, is the location where they actually achieved flight, also marked by a memorial.

Wright Brothers Memorial

   The earliest European colony in America began on the Outer Banks. The first child to be born here, Virginia Dare, was a member of this colony which mysteriously vanished shortly thereafter. A dramatization of this colony and its disappearance is vividly portrayed each summer in an outdoor theater constructed for this purpose. The play is called “The Lost Colony,” and is definitely worth seeing while in the region (be sure to make reservations ahead of time).

The Lost Colony

   Sand Dunes and beautiful beaches are the most common feature of the Outer Banks.

Nags Head Beach


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