Best of the Romantic Road

     The Romantic Road is a tourist route which stretches across the province of Bavaria from north to south. It features a string of charming, medieval villages, and numerous castles and churches. It is a must-see area of Germany and will continue to delight visitors as long as people love to travel.

     Some of our highlights along the Romantic Road include Neuschwanstein Castle, the epitome of a fanciful and romantic castle, built but never finished by Mad King Ludwig.

Neuschwanstein Castle

   The king grew up nearby in Hohenschwangau Castle which can also be visited.


 Not far from Neuschwanstein is the town of Fussen, with pedestrian-only streets that are delightful to stroll.


In the small village of Wies is one of the most beautiful churches in Germany. The interior of the Wieskirche is considered one of the finest examples of rococo architecture in the country.


    Our favorite village on the Romantic Road is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a walled, medieval gem, with cobblestone streets, well-kept timbered homes, and numerous towers.


           On the eastern branch of the Romantic Road are the villages of Mittenwald and Oberammergau, noted for their painted houses and shops. Both are in the area of the German Alps, so they sport mountain scenery in addition to their charm.


   Nearby is another of King Ludwig’s castles, this one known as Linderhof.


Another important tourist stop in the area is the Ettal Monastery, with its glorious church.

Ettal Monastery


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