Best of Vatican City

     Vatican City, headquarters for the Roman Catholic religion and home of its leader, Pope Benedict XVI, is contained entirely within the city limits of Rome. For tourists, it is a must-see while in Rome, even if religion is not your cup of tea. St Peter’s Basilica is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful churches. It was designed by Michelangelo. In addition, the artwork within the complex as well as the historical holdings of the Vatican Museum are among the best in the world.

      Begin your exploration with a stroll around St Peter’s Square, a huge area which is often filled with people attending various events involving the Pope.

Piazza San Pietro

   Inside the church, be sure to check out Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” to the right as you enter.


    The altar of the church is spectacular.

Altar, St Peter's

   The Sistine Chapel ceiling is one of the world’s greatest paintings.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

  The Raphael Room is one of the most celebrated sections of the museum.

School of Athens, Raphael

  Just walking the grounds is a treat. There are famous sculptures, like this one of Laocoon.

Laocoon & Sons

 and you might even see a colorful member of the Swiss Guard, the Vatican security police.

Swiss Guard


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