Best of West Virginia

     West Virginia is “Almost Heaven,” as expressed in the John Denver song. I fully agree since it is the state of my birth. I love West Virginia and I always look forward to going back, if only for a few days.

    It is certainly a beautiful state, “wild & wonderful” as the license plate indicates. However, the state economy and job opportunities are much lower than the national average so it is, unfortunately, a tough state to make a living in. Coal mining is still a major occupation.

     Tourism is not as well-developed here as in other states, so there are really no major attractions that people would list as must-sees. Instead, it’s the type of state to explore on your own, looking for attractions that appeal to you.

     The two that I remember most fondly from my childhood are Seneca Rocks, in the Canaan Valley,

Seneca Rocks

and Black Water Falls.

Black Water Falls


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