Best of Wyoming

      Wyoming, the Cowboy State, has a number of premier tourist sights which are must-sees for all travelers. Most of them are concentrated in the northwestern corner of the state and are fairly convenient to one another.

      America’s first and most spectacular national park, Yellowstone National Park, is a marvelous combination of a variety of habitats and ecosystems. It has something for everyone. The wildlife is plentiful and readily accessible. We had a bison walk right beside our car, so close we could touch him! There are waterfalls, mountains, lovely rivers, and, of course, the largest concentration of geothermal features in the world. I cannot rave enough about this incredible place!

     Old Faithful comes to mind when Yellowstone is mentioned because this reliable geyser is the most famous in the world. It delights thousands of fans each day as it spouts superheated water to over 200 feet.

Old Faithful

  However, there are other thermal features which are as interesting and as beautiful. Check out Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool

and The Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs.

The Terraces

  To me, the most beautiful part of the park is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, with its steep, multi-colored walls and glorious waterfall.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

     As mentioned above, the bison take center stage among the park’s creatures.


   Just south of Yellowstone is another fantastic national park. Grand Teton National Park features a prominent range of mountains which rise dramatically from the valley below.

Grand Tetons

   The gateway to the park is the charming town of Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole

    East of Yellowstone are several spectacular scenic drives. One of them winds through Ten Sleep Canyon.

Ten Sleep Canyon

  Further east is one of the eeriest sights in America. Devil’s Tower National Monument was featured in the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” and has some very interesting Native American legends associated with it. It is actually the plug of an extinct volcano that rises dramatically above the plains.

Devil's Tower National Monument


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