Best of Zion National Park

     Zion National Park lies in southern Utah. Like the Grand Canyon, the park features a broad valley cut by a river. Unlike the Grand Canyon, visitors tour the bottom of the valley, looking up at the landscape. The park gets very crowded in the summer but there is a shuttle system to ferry visitors from vantage point to vantage point.

     The park actually consists of several sections which are significantly different. There are also many interesting trails in the park which can be explored.  The park features have been given religious names by the Mormon who settled the area.

Great White Throne

     Another popular formation is known as the Three Patriarchs.

Three Patriarchs

  Another section of the park is about 50 miles from the main area. It is known as Kolob Canyon and is noted for its red-colored rock formations.

Kolob Canyon

 Another very different area showcases a series of sand dunes which have been changed to rock over time.

Colorful Sand Dunes

     Visitors to the park spend much their time looking up, so don’t be surprised if you are bothered by a stiff neck after your visit.

Lee in Zion NP


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