California 2009

      Day 4 — July 3, 2009
         This was the long-anticipated day of our competition. There was certainly no sight-seeing planned for this eventful moment. After a short warm-up, we had pictures taken and then were bussed to the Honda Center. When it was our turn on stage, we definitely sang well and entertained the huge audience, but it was over so fast…  At this point, I have no idea how we did, since Lee and I commenced our tour of California before the beginning of the second session (there were fourteen of us in the first group of choruses and fifteen in the evening portion of the show). Someone will hopefully call me today with the results. I have no illusions about winning — we were ranked 27th out of 29 going in, but we’re hoping to improve our position, which we could do with a great performance.
         The four best choruses we saw were the Vocal Majority, from Dallas, Texas, the Alexandria Harmonizers, from Virginia, the Great Northern Union, from Minnesota, and the Ambassadors of Harmony, from St Louis. We’ll see who takes the title.
         After dinner, we headed to Santa Barbara, the first destination on our whirlwind tour of the Golden State. We were fortunate to have little or no traffic en route, and we arrived in the early evening.
      Contest Update — I just received the results by email! We finished 27th, but our score was improved from the New England District Championship. The winners were the Ambassadors of Harmony, with the Vocal Majority, 2nd, and the Great Northern Union 3rd.


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