China Chronicle – Day 10 (Guilin and Hong Kong)

       We had a welcome late morning start today, our last day in Guilin. Lee and I took a walk along the waterfront promenade and just enjoyed the locals doing their morning rituals (see photos). Just before lunch we went to Fubo Hill, a place associated with defense of the city, where we climbed a number of stairs to a pavilion. Since it was raining, we decided not to climb farther (normally there is a 360 degree view of the entire city, but the fog was so thick we could see very little) so we returned to the hotel for our last meal in Mainland China. It was an excellent Dim Sum meal with a wide variety of dishes and flavors. Then we proceeded to Reed Flute Cave, the number one attraction in the city of Guilin. We were very surprised at the size and extent of the cave. It was creatively lit with various colors and the walking paths throughout the cave were well constructed and well-labeled. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, then left for Hong Kong.
     Our flight was late afternoon (5:30 PM) so we did not arrive until evening and checked into our hotel at about 8:15 PM. We had a late supper (hamburgers!!) at TGI Fridays and went to bed, exhausted.


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