Cities by the Sea #1 — Europe

Because of obvious trade and travel considerations, many cities have developed on seas around the world. This post lists several cities which I have visited that are in this category. Join me for a look at Cities by the Sea.

Venice, Italy — The enchanting city of Venice is located on the Adriatic Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean. Venice has long benefited from its location, serving as a crossroad between the Middle East, the Far East and Europe. As wealth leads to power, Venice was once one of the world’s most powerful cities. These days, its location makes Venice a prime port for cruise ships.

Gondolas on the Lagoon, Venice

Barcelona, Spain — Another city which has long been associated with maritime commerce is the city of Barcelona, located in southeastern Spain. Like Venice, it is a popular stop for cruise ships which ply the Mediterranean Sea during much of the year.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Nice, France — Also located on the Mediterranean Sea, the lovely city of Nice is one of the most popular entry points for visitors to the French Riviera and the province of Provence.

French Riviera near Nice


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