Cities on Rivers — #4 — Central Europe

Because of the potential for commerce, many inland cities were established and thrived along major navigable rivers. Many of these cities became important centers for trade and a crossroad for the movement of goods and people. This next group of cities on rivers includes the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Munich, Germany — The capital of the province of Bavaria is located on the Isar River, just north of the Bavarian Alps. The Munich town center is a delightful place to stroll, especially around its Main Square, Marienplatz.

Isar Gate, Munich

Vienna, Austria — Famous for Strauss and waltzing along the Danube River, Vienna is one of the world’s most elegant and stately cities. Its architecture is second to none and there is music everywhere.

Entrance to Stephansdom, Vienna

Salzburg, Austria — Mozart’s home town is also famous as the setting for the beloved musical and movie, The Sound of Music. Salzburg lies along the Salzbach River in Western Austria.


Basel, Switzerland — The lovely city of Basel sits at the junction of France, Germany, and Switzerland, at a bend in the Rhine River. It is a major industrial and chemical center for Europe.

Fountain in Basel

Bern, Switzerland — The capital of Switzerland is a delightful and charming city. It is located along the Aare River.

Bern & the Aare River

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