Cities on the Ocean #2 — Western USA

A large percentage of the world’s major cities are found on waterways since ships have been, and still are in many cases, the most common method of transporting goods from country to country. A significant number of these cities are located on the world’s oceans since oceanic travel offers convenient access to almost all of the world’s trading nations. This series of posts features some of the Cities on the Ocean that we have visited.

This group comprises the West Coast of the United States and includes some of America’s great cities.

Seattle, WA — The largest city in the Northwest has been a powerhouse of trade for many years. Located on Puget Sound, with easy access to the North Pacific, Seattle specializes in trade with Japan and China.

Seattle waterfront

Los Angeles, CA — The megalopolis which is LA is not only the largest city in California and the largest, by area, in the United States. Its port is the largest container port in the country, and, when combined with the nearby port of Long Beach, is the 6th busiest in the world.

Los Angeles Skyline

San Diego, CA — Known for its ideal climate, San Diego is a maritime behemoth. Between its busy port which has a substantial volume of trade, its cruise ship docks which handle thousands of travelers annually, and its recreational marinas, much of San Diego’s life revolves around the Pacific Ocean.

Cabrillo Monument, San Diego

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