Cities on the Ocean #3 — Latin America

A large percentage of the world’s major cities are found on waterways since ships have been, and still are in many cases, the most common method of transporting goods from country to country. A significant number of these cities are located on the world’s oceans since oceanic travel offers convenient access to almost all of the world’s trading nations. This series of posts features some of the Cities on the Ocean that we have visited.

This addition to the series focuses on the lower part of the Western Hemisphere, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Panama City, Panama — This major metropolis in Central America delivers much more than Panama Hats to the world. As an entry point into the Panama Canal, Panama City escorts millions of goods between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Panama City

San Juan, Puerto Rico — Although the island lies in the Caribbean Sea, the city of San Juan faces the Atlantic Ocean, thus qualifying it as a “City on the Ocean.” It has witnessed numerous skirmishes between England and Spain during the Colonial period.

Custom House, Old San Juan

Caracas, Venezuela — An important oil exporter, Venezuela is located in the northeastern corner of South America.

Caracas Favellas

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