End of America Road Trip — Cedar Rapids

We are on the road again! It’s my favorite place to be and I certainly want to savor this fairly short trip because it basically marks the end of my travels in America. Not because I don’t want to travel here anymore, but because this trip includes the last attractions in America that I feel are must-sees. In addition, this trip will complete visits to the entire 50 states for both Lee and I. We can finally check this item off on our bucket lists!

Today was strictly a driving day! We left Mitchell, South Dakota this morning at 9:30 and drove the 400 or so miles to Rapid City, Iowa, arriving at about 4 PM. In the process, Lee has now been to all 50 US states — Iowa was the last one for her. We both, as a result of this trip, have sampled the entire United States of America. Quite an accomplishment for a guy from Clarksburg, West Virginia and for a girl from Providence, Rhode Island! Tomorrow we are headed for Chicago and our flight home.

We also have another restaurant recommendation. We ate at Biaggi’s, an Italian restaurant in Cedar Rapids. We discovered that it is a chain, mostly in the¬†Midwest but as far east as Rochester, NY. It was absolutely delicious! The bread and cheesy herbal oil was to die for. Lee had the Butternut Squash Ravioli which were excellent and my Chicken Parmesan was equally good. We heartily recommend Biaggi’s.

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