Essential Travel Experience #14 — Take a Foliage Road Trip

    Leaf-peeping is a favorite pastime in New England and elsewhere where the changing colors of leaves in autumn creates a gorgeous palette of scenery. From late September to Mid-October the landscape is alive with brilliant reds, yellows, oranges, and golds. The process begins in higher latitudes and higher elevations and continues southward until the deciduous trees (foliage which drops its leaves all at once) are bare.

       Lee & I have taken a number of trips throughout New England at this time of year, with the only problem the large crowds and significant traffic in the more popular places. I have designed a number of different road trips which combine wonderful foliage with charming villages.

      The one we took last weekend was particularly enjoyable, partly because of the fabulous weather we had that day. The entire trip covered a distance of approximately 350 miles and took the entire day to accomplish, with stops at several places along the way.

      The area we visited is known as the Litchfield Hills area of Connecticut, the scenic and fairly rural northwestern corner of the state. Our major stops were the villages of Norfolk, Kent, and Litchfield, with brief detours at West Cornwall, Kent Falls State Park, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, just outside of Litchfield.

      I took a few pictures:

This one in Norfolk, CT

St Gaudens Fountain on the Village Green of Norfolk

    and these in Litchfield

Village Buildings, Litchfield


Village Green, Litchfield

   Another great fall foliage trip centers around the Mohawk Trail, in western Massachusetts. On this journey, you might stop at Shelburne Falls to see the Bridge of Flowers

Bridge of Flowers

where a close-up might look like this

Lee on Bridge of Flowers


   This trip can also include southern New Hampshire. One of our special places there is Cathedral of the Pines

Cathedral of the Pines

 The actual Cathedral is an outdoor area with a view to the mountains

Outdoor Chapel

 Longer trips can include the wonderful area around North Conway, NH, one of the most popular vacation areas in New England. Here you might see a covered bridge in Jackson, NH

Covered Bridge

or the lovely area known as Franconia Notch

Franconia Notch

Check out Glen Ellis Falls while you’re in the region

Glen Ellis Falls

 Unfortunately, one of New Hampshire’s major tourist attractions is no longer available. The Old Man of the Mountains, long-time symbol of the state has crumbled, but I have a picture from when it existed

Old Man of the Mountains

 There are many other spots for great leaf-peeping but this will provide a glimpse into the wonder of a fall foliage road trip..

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