Essential Travel Experience # 26 — See Magnificent City Skylines or Cityscapes

    Modern cities typically feature grand skyscrapers creating attractive skylines. Think about America’s great cities such as New York and Chicago, or Canada’s Toronto and Vancouver. Skylines make beautiful postcards and impressive photo-memories of a visit.

    Even some older cities have unforgettable views or cityscapes that seem to present an overall picture of the interesting attractions within.

    Cities also make wonderful bases of operation for exploring a region of the world, so are popular with travelers since they contain all the amenities necessary for a vacation or excursion.

    Here are some fabulous city skylines:

      I think that Chicago’s skyline is one of the finest in the world.

Chicago's Skyline

     Hong Kong is also noted for its skyscrapers

Hong Kong Skyline

  Another city in China, Shanghai, has an impressive group of skyscrapers, in an area known as the Pudong

Pudong Skyline

   Check out Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Skyline from Olympic Park

 Boston, although a very old American city, has an extremely impressive skyline, as you can see here.  

Boston's Skyline

  Other American cities with interesting skylines include

Los Angeles, CA

 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

 Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

 and Providence, Rhode Island, watched over by its founding father, Roger Williams

Providence, RI

 In Canada, the most dramatic skyline belongs to Toronto.


In Europe, there are fewer “modern” cities because the continent has been inhabited for much longer. Instead there are some dramatic and interesting cityscapes which deserve a mention on this post.

     Consider Salzburg, the home of Mozart and setting for the musical, “The Sound of Music.” Its impressive cityscape features a castle (Hohensalzburg) at the apex and several attractive church steeples.


  Consider Berne, Switzerland with its dark, stone buildings and setting on the River Aare.

Berne, Switzerland

  Consider Toledo, Spain, with a cityscape immortalized by the painter, El Greco.

Toledo, Spain

 Consider the lovely Czech village of Cesky Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov

  Consider the city of Edinburgh, as seen from Calton Hill.

Edinburgh, Scotland

  Heidelberg’s cityscape is dominated by its castle.

Heidelberg, Germany

  Florence’s skyline features the Brunelleschi dome of the Duomo.

Florence, Italy

 And, of course, who can forget the most magnificent skyline of all, even though it was radically changed on September 11. 2001.

New York City


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