Essential Travel Experience #3 – Visit a World-Class Art Museum

         Humans have a rich tradition in the use of Art as expression which goes back to the early days of civilization. The best of this expression is on display at art museums around the world. However, most art-lovers would agree that there are a few museums which stand above the rest in the quality of their collections and their display of these works.  All citizens of the world should spend some time in these museums to appreciate the diversity and quality of artistic expression. Below is a list of the very best art museums which I have visited (most of what many would call the “best in the world”).

          The Louvre, Paris, France

The Louvre

    Where you can see

DaVinci's Mona Lisa


          Metropolitan Museum, New York, NY, USA

Metropolitan Museum

Where you can see

Water Lilies, Monet

          Prado, Madrid, Spain 

Prado Museum

Where you can see

Triumph of Death, Breugel

          Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Where you can see

Night Watch, Rembrandt


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