Essential Travel Experience #33 — See Some of Nature’s Interesting Plants

     Plants are some of the most remarkable living things on the planet. Because they are rooted in one place, they must withstand the weather and must be able to get all the nutrients they need without searching for them. As a result they possess some of the strangest and most interesting adaptations. Here are a number of unusual plants that we have encountered in our travels.

  First of all, I love cactus!

Saguaro Cactus, Arizona

 When we made our first cross country trip, I was intrigued by the Lone Cypress, the most western point on our journey.

Lone Cypress, Monterey, CA

The Silversword Plant lives only near the summit of Haleakala, on the island of Maui.

Silver Sword Plant, Maui

  Giant Sequoias are the world’s largest living things.  

General Grant Tree, Kings Canyon NP


General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park

  The Giant Redwoods are the tallest plants in the world.

Redwoods, Muir Woods

   Mangrove Trees have aerial roots to keep them above the salt water that they live in.

Mangrove Trees, Biscayne NP

 In the Hoh Rain Forest, mosses are the dominant plants.

Hoh Rain Forest mosses

I love the effect of Spanish Moss hanging down from trees in the Deep South.

A Street in Savannah

  Even fossil trees are interesting.

Petrified Tree, Arizona

   The Tree of Life, in Disney’s Animal World, is of course manufactured, but what an incredible creation.

Tree of Life, Disney World

Imagine how difficult it is to live here.

White Sands National Monument


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