Essential Travel Experience #37 — Visit Presidential or Hero Monuments

    We truly worship our heroes! One of the major ways to show our adoration is to immortalize these men or women with a statue or monument. Thus, travelers find these monuments all over the world, especially in tourist destinations where the people of the country can insure maximum exposure.

     Here are some of these tributes and their locations.

      Washington DC is, of course, one of the obvious places since the entire city seems to be a shrine to American History. Thus we have the Washington Monument, dedicated to the “Father of our Country,”

Washington Monument, Washington DC

 the Lincoln Memorial, praising one of America’s most beloved presidents,

Lincoln Memorial

the Jefferson Memorial, immortalizing the author of the Declaration of Independence,

Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC

and many others.

    In Massachusetts, President John F Kennedy has quite a few tributes to his popularity. One of these can be found at the Kennedy Museum, in Hyannis, where the family lived for many years.

JFK Museum, Hyannis, MA

In San Diego, California, the city’s founder, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, is remembered by a statue which overlooks the city.

Cabrillo Monument, San Diego

In North Carolina, we revere the Wright Brothers who were among the first to fly.

Wright Brothers Memorial

At the Kennedy Space Center, in Florida, we remember our Astronauts.

Astronaut Memorial, Kennedy Space Center

In Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson’s home, which he designed and built, has become a memorial to this great president.


 and George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, is also carefully preserved to memorialize him.

Mount Vernon

Around the world, there are similar monuments and statues. For instance, Bruce Lee is revered in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee, Avenue of the Stars

 Look at all the Buddha statues, like this one in Hong Kong.

Po Lin Buddha

 and this one in Bangkok

Wat Intharawan

 Elsewhere, look at this monument to Victor Emmanuel, who united Italy in the early 20th century.

Victor Emmanuel Monument, Rome

 In Scotland, the national hero is William Wallace, and his monument is dramatic and tall

Wallace Monument, Scotland


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