Essential Travel Experience #40 – Go to the Rose Bowl Parade

    One of the most famous parades in the world takes place each New Years Day in Pasadena, California. The Tournament of Roses Parade actually pre-dates the Rose Bowl, with which it is normally associated. The parade began in 1890 while the football game was instituted in 1902.

     The parade celebrates the mild climate of Los Angeles and seems to fascinate residents from the rest of the country because of the profusion of flowers in the dead of winter.

      All the materials on the incredible floats are living or once-living, and the result is unbelievable!

     People from all over the world assemble to gaze in wonder at the amazing ways that flowers can be arranged to make a statement. See some examples from when Lee and I attended.

Here we are checking out one of the floats prior to the start of the parade — it’s surprising that we could get so close.

Prior to the parade

   Once the parade began, we were impressed by float after float.

China Airlines Float

and this one

Another Float

and another

Another Float

and another — look at the amazing sails

Another Float

 and another – look at the profusion of flowers

Another Float

and another – we called this the Hummingbird Float

Hummingbird Float

 On of the themes of this particular year was Star Wars, and we were treated to a phalanx of Storm Troopers during the parade – they were not made of flowers. George Lucas was the Grand Marshall.

Storm Troopers


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