Essential Travel Experience #51 – Check Out Seats of Government

    Because they are symbols of a country/state/city, government buildings are often very impressive structures. Frequently, they are Classical in design with columns and domes. They are often marble or polished stone and usually make a great appearance. Incidentally, I will omit City Halls from this particular post since I plan to do them as a separate post later in the year.

   As a result of their grand demeanor, they attract many tourists, especially those interested in architecture. Here are some of the most striking of these government buildings.

     Beginning in Washington, DC, the US Capital, we can find many examples of this grand architecture. The US Capitol Building impresses both with its architecture and its position, at the eastern end of the National Mall.

US Capitol Building

Nearby is the Supreme Court Building, equally impressive.

Supreme Court Building

 Even less important buildings in Washington can be significant. Look at the National Archives Building, essentially a storage location.

National Archives Building

 Around the country, there are other government buildings which should be displayed. For instance, the Rhode Island State Capitol Building is obviously patterned after the one in Washington.

Rhode Island State Capitol

  Another similar structure is found in Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah.

State Capitol, Salt Lake City

Maryland’s State Capital is Annapolis.

Maryland State House, Annapolis

  On the other hand, Alaska’s State Capitol Building, in Juneau, is very unimpressive.

Alaska State House

 Elsewhere in the world, buildings like these are just as impressive, sometimes more so. Take the Parliament Building in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, which overlooks the harbor.

Parliament Building, Victoria

 London’s Parliament is even more impressive.

Parliament, London

The Hungarian Parliament, in Budapest, is certainly striking.

Hungarian Parliament

In Madrid, the Post Office is truly inspirational, sitting on the Plaza de Cibeles, framing the lovely fountain.

Cibeles Fountain & Post Office, Madrid


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