Essential Travel Experience #55 – Meander in a Palace Garden

    Most palatial residences have extensive gardens, and, for tourists, these garden walks provide an opportunity to escape after wrestling with the crowds inside the mansion. These gardens tend to be elaborate, a true extension of the interior. The difference is that they can be explored in a more leisurely manner.

     Come with me on a tour of some of these palace gardens, with their fountains, flowers, and other structures.

     Let’s start in France, which features some of the most ornate palaces in the world. Versailles is the epitome of a French palace and its gardens do not disappoint.

Versailles' Gardens

 In the Loire Valley, the chateaux display lovely gardens as well. Here is Chenonceau.

Gardens of Chenonceau

In Paris, the Luxembourg Gardens are quiet and tranquil.

Luxembourg Gardens

 In Munich, Germany, Nymphenburg Palace, on the outskirts of the city, is respendent, both inside and out,  


as is Linderhof, one of the castles of “Mad King” Ludwig.

Linderhof Castle Grounds

Austria has its share of palace gardens as well. Check out the gardens of Mirabell Palace in Salzburg.

Mirabell Gardens

Vienna, too, has its share of mansions with extensive gardens. Belvedere Palace is lovely,

Belvedere Palace

while Schonbrunn’s gardens are one of the most elaborate we’ve seen, with its spectacular Gloriette.

Schonbrunn Palace

In Florence, Italy, the Pitti Palace, across the Arno from town, has Boboli Gardens, a huge expanse of paths and formal plantings.

Boboli Gardens

In the Forbidden City, Beijing, China, the gardens of the Emperor are at the rear of the complex. They are adorned with fanciful rocks, a sign of wealth and power in China, and ancient trees.

Emperor's Garden, Forbidden City


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