Essential Travel Experience #78 – Admire a Row of Colorful Buildings

    Many places around the world are marked by a row or rows of colorful buildings, probably to grab the attention of visitors. The colors make the structures stand out and create a more interesting scene. Some of these places have become immortalized in photographs and are now landmarks or attractions for the tourist.

     Here is an around the world tour of colorful buildings that we have encountered and obediently photographed.

Main Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina is another example.

Rainbow Row, Charleston

 Miami Beach, home of Art Deco, is characterized by pastel-colored buildings.

Art Deco Buildings, Miami Beach

 Here is another cluster.

More Miami Beach Pastels

Burano, one of the islands that make up Venice, contains many colorful homes and shops.


A strip of buildings known as Little Venice abuts the harbor in Mykonos.

Little Venice, Mykonos

One of the charming things about Markt Square in Bruges is the color of the buildings.

Markt Square, Bruges

The Plaza de los Coches in Cartagena similarly used color to attract attention.

Plaza de los Coches, Cartagena

Golden Lane, on the grounds of Prague Castle, is a collection of tiny, colorful houses which have been converted to shops.

Golden Lane

In Mittenwald, Germany, the colorful buildings are painted with scenes. The city is famous for these painted buildings.


In San Juan, Puerto Rico, there are many pastel colors throughout the city.

Old San Juan


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